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201_1.gif (71103 bytes) Will Rogers Courts
  1620 Heyman,
  Oklahoma City, OK  73108
  (405) 632-6060
207_1.gif (73831 bytes) Oak Grove
  3301 Southwest 17th St.
  Oklahoma City, OK  73108
  (405) 681-2381
Ambassador Courts
  800 Southeast 15th St.
  Oklahoma City, OK  73129
  (405) 631-3769
213_1.gif (78472 bytes) Sooner Haven
  1444 Northeast 36th St.
  Oklahoma City, OK  73111
  (405) 424-4651
214_1.gif (75739 bytes) Fred Factory Gardens
  3901 Dungee Boulevard
  Spencer, OK  73084
  (405) 769-3393
284street2.gif (795006 bytes) Northeast Scattered Sites
2600 N. Martin Luther King Ave.
  Oklahoma City, OK  73111
  (405) 424-5219

Our spacious unfurnished apartments give you and your family room for your lifestyle.  One to five bedroom units are available, and all have a full-size kitchen with basic appliances.  Whatever the size of your family, we have units designed for the amount of living space you'll need.  Most have off-street parking and are located close to shopping areas.  Our apartment complexes, as well as scattered site homes, are located in all quadrants of the Oklahoma City metro area.  Each complex has a Resident Association that can help you meet your neighbors, and these groups are representative of the total resident population.  They work closely with the facility management in all aspects of community living.  Everything we do is focused on offering a better quality of life and to help you feel at home.

Special services are offered to our residents that want to have and enjoy a better quality of life for themselves and their families.  Some services help working parents with low-cost child care and can aid in the growth and development of the family as a whole.

If you or your family are having some difficult times....
Does the amount of rent you are currently paying take too big a bite out of your monthly income?  Are you and your family living in unclean substandard housing because it's the only rent you can afford?  If you answered yes, here's how we can help:

  • Monthly rent that is adjusted to your income.

  • A full-time maintenance division that performs regularly scheduled maintenance on all our properties and handles all residents' requests for repairs.  The grounds around our complexes are groomed and cared for year round.  We are constantly upgrading our facilities to give your a clean modern living environment.

  • Feeling secure covers many areas, and we have taken care to see that our residents have peace of mind.  Our own armed security force with uniformed vehicle, bicycle and foot patrol officers make their rounds 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  The many youth programs, neighborhood watch programs and the Drug and Crime Hot-Line have proven to be very effective in waging the war on crime.

Providing affordable, clean and safe housing is just the beginning of the help we can offer.  All of our apartment complexes have their own community/recreation center.  These centers are available to all residents, and activities for children, teens and adults are conducted in these facilities as well as other nearby locations.  Also, modern playground equipment is available so your children can enjoy a safe place to play outdoors.

Affordable quality living
You may be eligible as an individual or a family if your income level qualifies as low or very low based on national standards.  There is no minimum income level, and depending on the number of family members, a family making in excess of $30,000 per year can still be eligible for housing.  Your rent will be determined based on the total income of the individual or family requesting residence.  There are also allowable deductions taken into consideration when determining a resident's rent.  Annual reexaminations ensure that the amount of rent you pay does not exceed 30 percent of your adjusted monthly income.  Should your family's composition or income change during the year, interim reexaminations are made.

You may be eligible, click here for eligibility and Income limits